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Talent is the most valuable asset, is to maintain business ties.

Kangyu core corporate culture is "people-oriented." Company management also thoroughly implement the "people-oriented" concept, attention to the development and training of personnel, and the effort to create the conditions for people to grow, so that the "cause of keeping development to keep people, keep people in culture" . By leveraging the wisdom of employees to enable enterprises to grow and develop, through the development and expansion of enterprises employees reflect their own values​​.

Kangyu main measures to strengthen human resources work include:
1, the scientific development of talent development strategy. Standing achieve a high degree of "a hundred years Kangyu" corporate vision, depth of the current status of the company human resources management research, objective analysis of the company is currently in the talent introduction, configure, use, develop, motivate and manage all aspects of human resources functions, organizational structure, etc. the advantages and disadvantages of scientific talent development strategy to build accurate positioning talent priorities, systems planning personnel measures, the overall advancement of the human resources work.

2, increase efforts to train personnel. A good grasp of all the personnel of ideological education, with Kang Yuwen shape of each employee to make sure dedication, hard work, honesty, and innovation. Prominence of various types of human capacity building. For management personnel, and strive to improve their leadership skills, management ability, execution capability and capacity for law. For professional and technical personnel, to strive to improve their professional level, and enhance technological innovation and solving research capabilities on-site technical problems. For the post operator, efforts to strengthen job skills training, and improve their professional quality and ability to manage large modern equipment. Insist and continue to improve staff training system. According to the company production management and long-term development needs, develop an annual training plan and develop a monthly plan, to further strengthen the training needs analysis, targeted training content to enhance and strengthen trained personnel tracking appraisal to ensure the effectiveness of training.

3, improve the talent evaluation system. In performance evaluation as the core, the ability to focus on the evaluation, the "moral character, ability, diligence, and achievements" as the basic elements of the evaluation, the establishment of a scientific and practical talent evaluation system. To improve the evaluation system, based on the outstanding performance indicators, the work performance of employees as the ability to judge the level of contribution to the size of the key elements to improve the assessment of the performance of heavy weight, increase performance assessment efforts. Further improve the assessment of organizational system, the ways and means to further improve the evaluation, the evaluation work to further expand democracy.

4, improve job performance appraisal and promotion system. The company has established various performance appraisal system, including management systems, marketing systems, technology systems, including, will reflect the ability to work, the working efficiency of the performance evaluation in a prominent position and performance appraisal wages as an important part of employee income. With a combination of talent evaluation system, the company has established a relatively complete system of job promotion, merit, only can, on the one hand help employees build career development planning, on the other hand combined with the strategic needs of the company's talent, eclectic with a talent!

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