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Product name:Anti-corrosion Magnetostrictive Level Sensors
The product model:KYDM-F Series

application:KYDM Magnetostrictive liquid level transducer (Oil Chemical dedicated) provides high accurate measurement of liquids level sensor designed for huge tank or vessels. It can be tailored to special length and mounting requirements for petrochemical applications. It transmits and monitors level, interface, and temperature at the same time. In addition, volume, density and weight can be work out.

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    KYDM magnetostrictive linear level transducer is a contactless liquids level sensor designed for accurate absolute level measurement of liquids. It can monitor the actual fluid level and temperature at the same time. Using excellent communication for monitoring and programming by EIA-RS485, data could be remote. The design and durability of the sensor make it ideal for measuring fluid levels of petroleum.The transducer provides analog output of voltage and current and digital output of Modbus.By utilizing the integral digital temperature sensor in probe, the fluid temperature could be measured as well as the level.

    Oil and chemical,Scorch

    ◆High accuracy to meet the high requirements metering of tank level measurement occasions;
    ◆Stable performance, without affect of temperature and pressure changes of gas and liquid inside the tank;
    ◆Various output options to meet a variety of collection system requirements;
    ◆Intrinsic Safety Certification:ExiaIIBT5,to adapt to a variety of safe applications;
    ◆Modbus,which can measure various parameters of liquid level, interface, temperature;
    ◆Various anti-corrosive structure, to meet a wide range of oil, chlorine and other corrosive measurement environment;
    ◆Easy installation, no maintenance.



    Measured position

    Modbus—1~3 position or 1~5 temperature points

    Analog—1~2 position

    Operating voltage

    +24VDC±10% ;±15VDC±10%


    0~5VDC  0~10VDC  -5~+5VDC          

    -10~+10VDC    4~20mADC  ModBus  Hart


    Rigid structure:50~5000mm

    Flexible structure:4000~20000mm

    Load characteristics

    Current output:Load Resistance 600Ω(Max.)

    Voltage output:Load current 2mA(Max.)

    Operating Current


    Operating temperature

    -40~+85 ℃

    Storage temperature

    -40~+100 ℃


    <±0.01% F.S.or 1mm max.


    <±0.002% F.S.


    16bitD/A ,0.1mm


    <±0.002% F.S.

    Temperature coefficient


    Zero range


    full-scale range


    Update time

    depends on range,but less than 20ms

    Probe material

    A.0Cr18Ni9(304)   B.316SS

    Housing material



    A.threaded connection         B.threaded flange     


    integral cable, mating connector, integral connector


    Housing:IP65,Probe IP68

    Explosion Proof

    Exd ⅡBT5,Exia ⅡCT6


         Note: The F.S. is short for Full Scale.

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